Angel Visit
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Lori-Grace, A Canadian psychic reader, wants to share the abundance, good will, and healing with anyone who is ready and open for an Angel visit.

It is the Angels desire to come down and for five consecutive days to stay and work with individuals and help them each to meet three personal wishes. Then each individual sends the angels on to three new individuals. After five days the Angels continue to three new individuals, who have said YES to receiving them. The angels stay with each new person five days before moving on to new hosts.

So anyone who receives the angels sends them on to three new hosts. The Angels will always arrive at the new location on a predetermined day at 10:30 PM and leave five days later at exactly 10:30pm.

Between each five-day visit, angels have a quiet travelling period of five days, when they are on their way to the three new addresses. these pauses have a considerable positive impact on the world.

Before they arrive, you will need to choose some beloved friends or family to host them next, (3 suggested. More is fine, less is ok too!) as having the names of the next places to bless is an important part of the preparations for the Angels arrival.

You connect with the three new hosts, adjust this letter with newly calculated dates (Your last day of the five-day visit, and their five days on the road to the next homes.)


Before the arrival of angels to your home, you will choose a suitable place and prepare like this:

1-You bless a white candle and put it in a candlestick.

2- Next to the light you place a white flower in a bowl or vase or a potted plant having white flowers.

3-Beside the white light and the white flower, add an envelope containing a piece of paper with names and addresses of each of the three hosts that said YES to receive the Angels after you.

4-In another envelope put a piece of paper where you wrote your three wishes.

5- On top of the envelope with your wishes, you put an apple.


On the agreed date, you find yourself at home at 10:30pm ready to receive your guests. Before then, you light the white light and at 10:30pm, open your front door (physically, not just symbolically.) and invite the angels with such WELCOME the following words:

"Come in and welcome, loving Angels sent to me from Lori-Grace. Thank you for your presence here. I ask that you envelop both this site and all the people who will pass by or are staying here with purity and peace. Thank you for choosing to come and bless me and my fellow human beings in harmony with life, joy, love, wisdom and power. Thanks also to you for helping me to fulfill the three wishes which are very important to me."

During the five days the Angels reside with you, let the white candle burn down completely. If it has burned up before the five days have passed, you can of course light a new white light if you want. (do not leave the candle burning unattended!)  If you tend to pray or meditate at certain times, it is nice to communicate with Angels during this time but there is no requirement to do something special, apart from the two times, at 10:30Pm on the first and last evenings.


At 10:30 PM - when five days are passed, re-open your front door and bid farewell, thank the Angels, and send them on to loving the friends who have said YES to receive the angels by reading them their names (and addresses if you have them.) for completion with yourself and your angel altar, consider sharing your blessed apple with loved ones, or eating it mindfully to help you embody your wishes.